A History of St. Dominic’s Parish

(written in 1994 for the celebration of 21 years of the Parish)
By Mary McNally, Tallaght Historical Society

St Dominic’s Parish is triangular and is banded on one side by the Dodder, on another by the Old Bawn Road, and on the third, by the By-pass. That is not a very big area, but its history is long and rich. From the earliest times invaders settled by the Liffey and the Dodder and many of the earliest archaeoligical finds in this country have been found in the Dodder Valley and the surrounding hills. The Dodder itself, sometimes a torrent and sometimes a quiet stream has had a tremendous influence even on the life of Dublin. The hostel of Da Deargan on the Sli Cuallain at Bohemabreena in pre-Christian times, then in early Christian times the monastery further up the valley at Glenasmole were followed by the settlement of Norman farmers on the rich lands which now form St Dominic’s Parish. When Dublin City found the waters of the Poddle insufficient to their needs the weir just below Bolbrook was built in 1245 and the cutting known as the City Watercourse can still be seen beside the weir. Through it, water was channelled to join the Poddle at Templeogue. Right down the Dodder, water mills were constructed, the Parchment Mills and paper mills at Old Bawn where the millrace carried the waters first to Bella Vista Mills, opposite where Aheme’s now stands, then to Haarlem Mills which manufactured cotton, the bleaching greens extended from the present Seskin View to the Dodder. Incidentally, the old trees on Seskin View date back to Haarlem House. Further down were the Bolbrook Mills. All of these mills died out in the 19th century – perhaps because of the general decline in business which followed the Act of Union, and the land was then farmed, Bella Vista by the McArdles, Haarlem by the Neills and Muldoons, and Bolbrook by the Boardmans who were followed by the Stubbs family and later by the Nolans (many of the Nolans still live in the area). Part of the lower end of the land was acquired by the Keating family, and Justin Keating TD built Bolbrook Lodge, now known as Glenview Lodge, and used as a Day Care Centre.

In the 1960s the Corporation started to buy up land around Tallaght. Tallaght had been originally part of Rathfarnham Parish which later divided to form Bohernabreena Parish. In the early 1960s this was again divided to form Tallaght Parish and in the 1970s the Dominicans took over the running of the parish from the Diocesan priests and not long after that with the building of hundreds of new houses, it again became necessary to subdivide and form St Aengus, St Mary’s, St Martin’s and St Dominic’s Parishes.

St Dominic’s at first used the prefabricated Loretto Church, which since became Scoil Santain, and then Cumann Gaelach Hall. Incidentally, the first Gaelic League Classes and Ceilidhs were held in the old Haarlem House, later in the old Library (now knocked down), on the Greenhills Road, and now they are back again, not far from Haarlem House, in the Cumann Gaelach Hall.


Parish Office

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.00pm
Closed for lunch 1.00pm-2.00pm

Church Information

Saturday: 6.30pm (congregational singing)
Sunday Masses: 10.30am (Family Mass); 11.45am (Folk Group)
Bank Holidays: 11.00am Mass

Mass Times

Monday-Friday: 10:00
Saturday: 11:00|18:30
Sunday: 09:00 | 10:30 | 11:45 | 18:30

Vigil: 18:30

Dominicans who have served in our Parish since its inception

Year Priest(s)
1975 Fr Raymond Waters OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP
1976 Fr Conor O’Riordan OP , Fr Raymond Waters OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP
1977-1980 Fr Conor O’Riordan OP, Fr Raymond Waters OP, Fr Gus Champion OP
1981 Fr Canice O’Riordan OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP, Fr Gus Champion OP
1982 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP, Fr Gus Champion OP
1983-84 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP, Fr Brian McKevitt OP
1985-1987 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP, Fr Joe Cullen OP
1988 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP, Fr Finian Lynch OP
1989-1990 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Finian Lynch OP
1991-1993 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP, Fr John Heffernan
1994 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Martin Boyle OP, Fr Frank Lynch OP
1995-1996 Fr Joe Cullen OP, Fr Frank Lynch OP, Fr Joe Dineen OP
1997 Fr Joe Cullen OP , Fr Donal Roche, Fr Raymond Collins OP
1998 Fr Joe Cullen OP , Fr Donal Roche, Fr Gerard Dunne OP
1999 Fr Joe Cullen OP,  Fr Gerard Dunne OP
2000 Fr Joe Cullen OP,  Fr Gerard Dunne OP, Fr Ben Hegarty OP
2001 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Pat Burrows OP
2002-2008 Fr Ben Hegarty OP, Fr Larry Collins OP
2009 Fr Albert Leonard OP ( Fr Collins OP was on loan to Provincial office), Fr Declan Cornish OP
2010 Fr Larry Collins OP
2011 Fr Larry Collins OP, Fr Tom Jordan OP
2012 Fr Larry Collins OP, Fr Tom Jordan OP, Fr Denis Murphy OP
2013- to date Fr Larry Collins OP , Fr Tim Mulcahy OP