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St Dominic’s Youth Choir Fundraiser

Next weekend, 18th and 19th May, the St. Dominic’s Youth Choir will be shaking buckets after each of the masses. We are raising funds to send our senior members – Joe, Amy, Jessica, Amy, Anna, Emma, Katie and Eve to the week-long residential Music & Liturgy Course in Knockadoon this coming August.

What is Knockadoon and why do we keep sending our seniors there year after year?
Knockadoon is the Dominican Camp in the picturesque surroundings of Ballymacoda, Co. Cork. In August it becomes a Music and Liturgy course to over 100 young people from all across Ireland. Our choristers will learn traditional and contemporary hymns, will be introduced to new instruments and will participate in the Liturgy of Morning and Evening Prayer and the Eucharist. They will also meet with, and learn from several contemporary liturgical composers/musicians from across Ireland and the USA.

Equally importantly, they will meet many other like-minded people from all over Ireland, have fun together and get a chance to share their talents in a rich, safe environment and to make lifelong friendships.

Filled with fire and enthusiasm, our choristers come back to us with new materials, skills, ideas and a greater confidence in themselves and their abilities. We were richly rewarded this year when they stepped up and lead songs in our October concert and Christmas Carol Service. They took on key roles for our Good Friday Stations, they supported and nurtured the talents of our younger members, shared their ideas and took on general organisation roles within the choir. In short, they are the backbone of our youth choir.
The course costs €260 each for the week, which includes transport, accommodation, food, tutorials and a music book packed with new hymns for them to bring back and teach to us all. So please, show your support, help us to nurture the budding talents of our dedicated choir members.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, encouragement and singing throughout the year. We love hearing the sweet sounds of you, the congregation, singing and clapping along with us each Sunday. We would also like to take this chance to thank Fr. Larry, Fr. Tim, Sr. Ruth and Sinéad for their unwavering care, support and guidance throughout the years.


May 1 @ 8:00 am


May 20 @ 5:00 pm

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